About David

David G. Thorne was born in Hexham, England some time in the 1970s.  He spent most of his childhood in South Africa, Namibia and the Middle East, returning to the UK when he was aged 13 – the same year he began writing his first novel, which he abandoned after five chapters.

Despite a turbulent home life in his mid teens –  during which the family plummeted from middle class affluence to briefly living in a caravan on Whitley Bay seafront – David went on to study at City of London Guildhall University and graduated from the Northumbria University in 1993 with a B.A. (Hons)  in Politics. 

After University he paddled briefly in the murky, blue rinsed shallows of local party politics, but found his lack of the gift of the gab, (and a plentiful supply of ready cash) to be a hindrance on the road to world domination.

Since then David has suffered a variety of jobs, including house painter, graphic designer, book seller, civil servant, mortgage co-ordinator, train conductor and finance director of a company purporting to import fine Romanian wines.

He hopes shortly to have an international best seller, to support the lifestyle to which he would like to become accustomed. He lives with his wife Kirsty and their two cats, Lexi and Molly as well as three Mac computers. The family were recently blessed by the arrival of two iPads.

In 2010 David embarked on a second degree, in English Literature, through the Open University. His stated intention is to gain a first class degree, followed by an M. Phil from Cambridge University – which will necessitate writing a further best seller.

He is well known as a grumpy bugger.

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