It’s probably worth mentioning here and now that I don’t write a lot of poetry – what little verse I compose is strictly for my own enjoyment, rather than public consumption. So you’re not likely to find much poetry on this site. 

Please don’t misunderstand, I enjoy reading poetry enormously – Coleridge, Byron, Heaney and Frost are particular favourites. In my youth I wrote a lot of lyrics and a fair bit of poetry too, so I have given it my best shot. It’s just that I much prefer prose, simple as that.

I believe that to write great verse, you have to really love the form. And I don’t share that passion I’m afraid. I understand all about rhythm and metre and lines and stanzas, and alliteration, assonance and enjambment. I know the technicalities of writing sonnets, odes and haiku. Put it all together and… meh. 

My poetry is perfectly competent, but it’s not great because I don’t have the soul of a poet. So instead I play to my strengths.

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